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Season Opener (March 31 thru April 3, 2011)
Congratulations to Kim & Heather on a great first show of the season!!

Show results:

Kim Bare on Tidal Wave (Ocean)

.95m Jumpers 2.2c 3'0"/.95m (4th Place)
.95m Jumpers 2,2.1 3'0"/.95m (3rd Place)
.95m Jumpers 2.2c 3'0"/.95m (6th Place)
Low Child/AA Jumpers 2.2c 3'3"/1.0m (2nd Place)
Low Child/AA Jumpers 2,2.1 3'3"/1.0m (6th Place)

Heather Macdonald on Casino Royale (Jack)

.95m Jumpers 2.2c 3'0"/.95m (5th Place)
SAHJA Training 2.2c 3'3"/1.0m (3rd Place)
SAHJA Training 2,2.1 3'3"/1.0m (3rd Place)
1.05m Jumpers 2.2c 3'5"/1.05m (1st Place)
18 & Over Jumpers 2.2c 2'5"/.75m (2nd Place)


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Pictures provided by Silly Filly Photography

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