Starr V - Halloween Special, October 22, 2011
Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center

October 22, 2011
Way to go Malinda and the Equine Unlimited, Inc. riders!!

Malinda Kregoski - 2011 Starr Vaughn Trainer of The Year!!

Malinda Kregoski riding Casino Royale (Jack)

Modified Hunters 3'0" (1st)
Modified Handy Hunders 3'0" (1st)
Modified Hunters U/S (1st)

Taylor Cargile riding Havanna

Walk Trot Equitation Rookie Rider (1st)
Walk Trot Open Equitation (3rd)
Walk Trot Open Pleasure (3rd)

Sophia Kregoski riding Skippy Jon Jones (Lance)

Walk Trot Open Under Saddle (4th)
Walk Trot Open Equitation (4th)
Walk Trot Open Pleasure (5th)
Walk Trot Pleasure 8 & Under (4th)
Short Stirrup Equitation Flat (5th)
Warm Up Hunters X-bars (2nd)

Gabby Eimanverdi riding Beam Me Up Scotty (Scotty)

Long Stirrup Equitation Flat(3rd)
Long Stirrup Hunters 2'0" (5th)
Long Stirrup Equitation 2'0" (2nd)

Grace Mercurio riding Ulterra Aviator (Fred)

SAHJA Pony Medal 2'3" (3rd)
Pony Jumpers 2.2c Arg 2'3" (1st)

Chelsea Sherman riding Ninja (Sailor)

Schooling Jumpers 2.2c 2'6" (1st)

Marissa Faravelli riding Chocolate Chip (Chip)

Child/Adult Jumpers 2.2c 3"0" - 3'3" (2nd)

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